This is a solid piece of writing. I have heard of Bernie many, many years ago. I got doubts that the U.S. is ready for a “Democratic Socialist.” We have yet to elect a true liberal in nearly 60 years (John Kennedy). Carter, Clinton, and Obama were all moderates or centrists. They each had some liberal views but liberalism has been losing the ideological battle to conservatism for decades now. Yet, it was Hillary Clinton, if we all recall, who called for universal health coverage in 2008. Obama came out in favor of it after her. I am not a Hillary Clinton voter (I am Independent and totally undecided) but I agree with this premise here. Let us judge candidates for all of their work and not just their bad moments. Harry Truman bombed Japan into sawdust; yet, he desegregated the military. LBJ dropped bomb after bomb on Vietnam, yet he passed the most important civil rights laws in history. Obama has had great accomplishments but he has played fast and loose with our privacy and freedom of the press. Fact is, Clinton is not the devil; Sanders is not the Savior. They voted the same 93 percent of the time as Senators. Let us vote ideals not people (personalities). They come and go but it is ideas, moral and righteous, that guide us to a better world.

Numbers runner. Cigar smoker.

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