The President (yea you know that dude who makes you ill) will not be removed from office. Don’t for a second think about it. None of the GOP, especially in hardcore states for him, will want to be on record as calling for him to be voted out. They will not vote to remove. People like Mitt Romney are likely awake each night trying to figure out how to vote against the impeachment and explain it to the many Utah voters who don’t like the guy and the others who do like him. Good luck, Mitt.

For me, this remains to be about white supremacy (racism). It is the evil that millions cannot dump in the creek. The U.S., to me, is a failed state right now because of it and that is the real issue.

Those who continue to support this madness of a regime and its head might say their support is about the economy or something else, but this is crock or delusion. The reason we have this guy is because of white supremacy and the reason his support remains strong is because of white supremacy. That is the only explanation for the outright support, at this juncture, of overt criminality, immorality, racism, sexism, greed, wickedness, and incompetence by the so called leader of a nation of 300 million plus. It is the drug of choice.

For those who don’t get it: we are in the movie now. It has started. We know this flick. This so called impeachment is a chance to cut this horror film off. It is a big moment. A chance to re-set.

But it won’t happen.

I haven’t watched one second of the so called impeachment because I know how it ends. He will be let off. He will condemn those who brought the trial. He will gloat. Celebrate. Claim innocence and the stupidity of this time period will go on. There will be tweets and more incompetence, lies, stupidity, and hatred. All in the name of white supremacy. All to advance an ideal that is pure evil though it has millions of followers. And it, for lack of a better word, trumps everything right now in the U.S. (no pun intended)

Numbers runner. Cigar smoker.

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