Today, Cops Peacefully Arrested A Young White Guy in Front of My House…

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And he was high. Was behaving erratically. Talking oddly. He called the officers names. He said ‘Fuck You” multiple times. He walked into the neighborhood right by other houses; they never stopped him. Not once did they touch him. Not once did they draw down weapons on him. Not once did they mistreat him. At least one person, I know said, why won’t they rush him and just arrest him. I thought differently. This is how it should happen, I said to myself. Make the effort to avoid a bad incident.

Then hours, later, the police officer who shot and killed Philando Castille was acquitted in a Minnesota courtroom. Castille famously announced to the officer after he had been stopped that he was carrying a firearm, had a permit for him, then he reached for his driver’s license. The officer opened fire — seven shots.

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