Trump Always Acts Non-Presidential But Think For a Moment What is Presidential

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Bombing Vietnam continously for months and months. Invading countries on lies. Covering up crimes your employees committed with your knowledge. Making a deal with the people of Vietnam, and never intending to honor that agreement. Endorsing racial segregation in the government (the federal government). Staging a fake attack and using the fake attack to escalate a war with Vietnam. Having sex with an intern in your office, lying about it over and over. Throwing welfare recipients under the bus just so you can get re-elected. Trying to save money by making ketchup a vegetable in the school lunch program. Using dope money to wage an unjust, dishonorable war. Endorsing torture. Droning people. This is only scratching the surface.

So it is easy for Trump to be non-presidential. Look at what is presidential. Lot of folks made it easy for him. But, don’t trip, he is horrific.

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