Trump’s Reign Isn’t That Bad; Sort of Like Reagan Part 3

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Yea, but those years were F’d up. To paraphrase Gil Scott’s famous song of the Reagan years: racism was up, human rights were down, peace was shaky, war items were hot, jobs were down (especially the wages and union protections), money was scarce, and common sense was at an all-time low on heavy trading. The rich fat cats, the 1 percent, and the 5 percent, saw it different I am sure as they fleeced the masses with a money and wealth shift, and more corporatism. Crack cocaine was dumped into Black America and the prison industrial complex revved up. AIDS was ignored. The poor and those with mental illnesses were treated like trash by the state. Sounds like now. But cheer up. Pussy Riot, those bad ass Russian ladies, have a new great song out that makes fun of the nonsense we live:

Numbers runner. Cigar smoker.

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