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A guy I know who chills near some sports betting opportunities say: Everybody is waiting on Kawhi Leonard (to decide where to play basketball next year) “like his middle name dips Godot.” Samuel Beckett didn’t write this story folks but maybe he should have considering the build-up that continues.

The poet, Haki Madhubuti, who once penned a great poem called, ‘The Great Wait,’ has decided to write a new one called ‘The Great Wait, The Sequel — Kawhi.’

Signet Books, publisher of the classic Martin Luther King Jr tome, “Why We Can’t Wait?,” has just produced ‘Why We Can Wait: The Kawhi Leonard Decision’ in Audiobook. Better get it quick. Limited supplies.

Lebron James, some say, thinks this wait is worst than the wait for “The Choice, his famous decision years ago to go to Miami, and take his talents to South Beach. James though would love for Leonard to end his decision in Laker land so they can win some rings and he can retire.

If Bob Marley were alive, he would surely sing: I don’t want to wait in vain for your love, Kawhi, but please decide soon. Major Harris, I am sure, would tell Kawhi — love won’t let me wait, bruh, but just hurry and decide.

But speaking of songs, these new versions of famous songs just dropped in light of Kawhi’s slow, slow decision:

Waiting for a Baller Like You — Foreigner

Waiting on A Claw — Rolling Stones (they are performing it on their new tour)

I can wait personally. He is not coming to Washington D.C., home of my beloved Bullets (Wizards). And even if he said he might come, I would think that was crazy considering how terrible we are right now.

I do like to watch the guy play. His one year in Toronto feels like a thing so magical, so enduring, that he has to leave and close the door. It is like Ted Williams’ last at bat when he hits the homer. He should tell the city thanks, and go where he really wants to go, wherever that happens to be. If he goes back to Toronto, that is cool too.

The team that gets you likely will win it all and they know it. So Heaven Can Wait, right? In the meantime, let LeBron James tell you how not to do it, Kawhi.

Numbers runner. Cigar smoker.

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