What Else Has Happened on July 4th Black People Might Want to Know

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So you ain’t patriotic and you are an African-American. I feel ya’. I been there for a minute now. Wondering what I am doing on July 4. Just an excuse to BBQ, check out some folk blowing whole paychecks of fireworks, and when I did work for the government, a day off. But check it:

In 1881, Booker T. Washington founded Tuskegee Institute. 1881. Up From Slavery. Make Bricks From Straw. Build Your Own. Excellence. University is still functioning today. Recognize.

The Nation of Islam was also founded today. 86 years ago. Same organization that gave the world Malcolm X and led Muhammad Ali to eventually embrace civil disobedience at a pivotal moment in history. Interesting organization no matter your feeling about the ideas they promote. Do For Self. Buy Black. How to Eat to Live. The Honorable Elijah Muhammed.

Turn your hot dogs, smoke your brisket. Grill your corn. Drink your cold beer. And be patriotic if you want; if you ain’t, do that. But recognize some of own history. Pour some out for Booker T, and Elijah Muhammed.

Happy 4th.

Numbers runner. Cigar smoker.

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