What shall Hillary Do Now?

It is happening again. It is like Greg Norman melting down at a big golf tournament or Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys throwing a dumb pass for an interception. Hillary Clinton, as she did in 2008, is failing politically in the run for the Democratic nomination. Last time this happened, her husband, Bill Clinton, the former President, called Barack Obama, her nemesis then, “a kid.” Clinton also referred to the Obama phenomenon as a “fairy tale.” Hillary got trounced in South Carolina back then and the nomination was done. Didn’t they know calling a black man ‘a kid’ is like calling a black man — ‘boy?’

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So here we are again.

Bernie Sanders is rising up like a cake in the oven and Hillary Clinton is doing a repeat of 2008. Melting down slowly. What should she do? Call Beyonce? Here is one interesting path offered by Simon Schama of the Financial Times who wrote the following this past weekend before the primary in New Hampshire:

[S]he needs to put her stamp on independent proposals. . . America is not in the mood for shopping; it is in the mood for a battle. A formidable fighter, she needs to strap on her armor, unsheathe her sword and lay about the dark legions of ranting deporters and holy rollers. Facing a field of men (Carly Florina excepted) who like to tell women what to do with their reproductive rights, she needs to take her womanhood forthrightly to the foe.

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I kind of agree with this though Schama too lacks many details. This sounds like she wants her to go Sigourney Weaver (as Ripley) on the electorate. But she should know this. Sanders is not the enemy. The attacks on him are plain dumb. In fact, he is your greatest asset; he is providing the platform to change the discourse. His agenda is specific and simple. Your agenda is elusive and most of all you base it all on a ‘you can get your agenda done; he can’t pass anything’ idea. This might be true but voters are naive and dreamy and hopeful. They actually want something big to happen even though it rarely does in American politics unless someone gets killed. But, let them dream. Offer them what they want. Say it. New, bold ideas. And seize your space; you have plenty of people to attack besides Sanders.

But, it is likely too late now. You have been around for a long, long time. You give conflicting speeches. Your husband has high negatives and so do you. Many just think both of you should vanish and take your money and leave the ordinary people alone. I do not know how this can be solved. In fact, you might have to continue what you are doing. It reminds one of Al Gore attacking Bill Bradley of New York and giving him an irregular heartbeat (then he quit right?) Perhaps you can turn away any more corporate cash. Denounce it. Of course, that is political suicide.

Good luck.

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