When Mitch McConnell Talks I Think of Jesse Helms

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Must be his voice. Not sure. Trying to put my finger on it. ‘Eir’ time I hear that fool open his mouth Helms face pops up. Fo you youngn's, here’s what one Richard Cohen said of Helms upon Helms’ death in 2008:

What is unique about Helms — and from my viewpoint, unforgivable — is his willingness to pick at the scab of the great wound of American history, the legacy of slavery and segregation, and to inflame racial resentment against African Americans.

Strong talk. “To the best of my knowledge,” Cohen added, “Helms has never” recanted and apologized “for his use of racial issues. And that use was blatant.”

McConnell wants to erase the Black President from American history. Can’t happen, Mitch. Keep trying though. We keeping notes. But we know, that is all this stuff is about.

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