White Supremacy Takes A Left Hook

The Conviction Of Derek Chauvin Is A Good Thing Historically

Axios — Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison

Derek Chauvin being convicted of the murder of George Floyd means that George Floyd is a human being.

And if Mr. Floyd is a human being in the eyes of the criminal justice system, it means Black people are human beings and white supremacy is an evil lie, which it is.

The verdict is a snapshot historical statement but still, it means something.

The whole basis of the sick ideology we call white supremacy and everything done in its name is that Black people are not human beings and white people, the self declared superior, privileged race, can do anything to non-white peoples in the name of that madness.

That is what I thought about as Mr. Chauvin was led away in handcuffs to begin his extended incarceration. White supremacy got pimp slapped. White supremacy did not win this one. It got smacked hard with a Joe Frazier left hook and knocked on its ass.

It got up and will keep getting up but the left hooks must (and will) happen more frequently and by more people. It is the only way to render it less evil.

You know all of this is true because the typical mouthpieces for white supremacy and bigotry in America reacted with disdain and contempt for the verdict after it was handed down.

The joy people got from the verdict, people only seeking the judicial system to hold someone accountable for murder, reminded these individuals that white supremacy is being discredited and is under attack daily now as evil.

Some of these individuals said that Chauvin was convicted because of threats of riots and mob rule from the left.

It’s bullshit.

The evidence against Chauvin was strong. The state put on a strong case. There is a video evidence but there was also medical evidence. The witnesses were also credible. This is not always the case in these kinds of killings.

As prosecutor, Jerry Blackwell noted, those who saw the killing were a “bouquet of humanity.” A paramedic. A security officer who was trained in martial arts. A 9 year old girl. They all spoke for Mr. Floyd’s life.

However, the jury, most of all, spoke for Mr. Floyd. They ignored the racist excuses suggested by Mr. Chauvin’s defense. The suggestion that drugs killed Mr. Floyd or that Mr. Floyd died of a heart attack. The suggestion that Mr. Floyd was strong and was dangerous was also ignored.

The jury ignored these racist tropes frequently used against Black men in the criminal justice system to get acquittals and hung juries.

They focused on the evidence and rendered a verdict that rang loud around the world. The reason why many testified against Chauvin is because his actions were indefensible.

Philadelphia Inquirer
The Irish Times
The Guardian

Yet, of the people complaining about threats of mob violence, I wonder how they would have felt when the murderers of Emmitt Till were found “not guilty” by that all white male jury in just one hour.

Would they have been as outraged as the Black community was after that verdict was rendered with a mountain of evidence staring them in the face? Would they blame that verdict on the threat of white mob violence?

Many of those who don’t like this verdict don’t even know that the killers of Emmitt Till sold their stories to Look Magazine right after the trial and admitted they murdered the 14 year old boy now that they were free to do so.

Derek Chauvin, many of these racist bigots don’t know, was prepared to plead guilty and accept more than 10 years in prison (served in a federal prison) because he said the evidence against him was strong. The agreement fell apart because U.S. Attorney General, William Barr, refused to sign off on it.

The Chauvin verdict should be kept in perspective but it is good to declare it a win. It is the right decision. The glass is half full today.

The Progressive Magazine noted that despite the verdict, the struggle with police violence and the lack of justice will continue.

The struggle will continue and what people must realize is, it will (and can) never end.

That is the lesson here. Aluta Continua. Aluta Continua.

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