Will African Americans Have To Leave America Eventually? (Part 1)

Notes on my America

5 min readDec 6, 2023


Robert Williams meets with Chairman Mao in China — Public Domain

Empires Rise, Empires Fall

History tells me empires do fall and crumble. They become lesser nations but they still are a country. Spain and France were empires. Now, they aren’t. The Ottoman empire is likewise gone. This is one reason why the Palestinian question remains unresolved. The Ottomans once had that area in check; now they are long gone.

The United States of Trump

Despite my difficulties with American history, I never thought the United States would fall apart so quickly. I never thought it would balkanize and become multiple countries within one border. I never thought they would elect horrible people like Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. I never thought that Joe Biden would seem reasonable because of the chance that Donald Trump would get a second term. But things happen. Any acceptance of Donald Trump as the national leader in America is an embrace of hate, racism, sexism, misogny, homophobia, transphobia, and sociopathic, authoritarian rule. America has never been authoritarian in my lifetime in an overt way. Is it coming? Is America to become Chile in 1973?


China is on the move. I won’t say rise became China is one of the longest lasting civilizations on earth. In fact, Kishore Mahbubani has documented how China and India have been powerful civilizations for most of the last 2000 years. The rise of the West is a recent phenomenon. India and China have now gotten their ships back on course, but especially China. Maybe their model of strong centralized state structure and free markets to spread opportunity will work for a while. If it does work, other nations will pivot to it. Will America one day be #2? Or #3, or #4? Shit happens, people. Another nation will rise. Our offspring will have to exist in that world and make a good life.

“In this life, you’re on your own…” (Prince)

As with the Ottoman Empire, and the Palestinians, an empire fell, and their lives were altered. The entire Arab world’s fortunes were altered. The United Kingdom, the empire of…




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